• Worms;
Bees wax moths or larvae;
aerobatics (for fly fishers only).

Not allowed:
Powerbait: Using emerge dirty spots on the waterfront, we do not want;
Maggots:  Due to the fact that around us are many  sheep and sheep are very sensitive to maggots;
Homemade dough: Same reasons as Powerbait;
Sinking float (Bombetta similar), trailing lead, blinkers and twisters: When it is busy it often happens that lines are thrown over each other, this provides much annoyance and we want to avoid;
• Dogs: Are not appreciated by all our customers.

Baits which are prohibited by us must not be found on our park.  So not  in suitcases, bags, pockets etc.
We reserve the right to send to guests who do not abide by the rules, gone.

 If everyone sticks to the rules everyone has a fair chance to catch his trout.
The ponds stay  pretty clean so you can fish next year in beautiful natural ponds.