General information

Depending on what pond you choose, a number of trouts will be trownn into the water.
This takes place  about half an hour after the beginning-time. The fish you catch, you can take with you.
The caught fish can be smoked by us.  (the fish need to be cleaned by you)
You can then pick them  up the next day we are open. .

• Parking, fish and stay on this park is at your own risk.
• Make sure you are on time in connection with the taking round of the fish.
There may be fished up to one rod per purchased ticket (you pay per rod).
• Only look without actually fishing is allowed only after permission has been asked to do in our reception building.
Fly fishing is only allowed in pond 4.


For groups of 15 people it is possible to reserve a   pond. The costs are the same as for individual fish. The group advantage is that every 16th person has not to pay. This discount may also be exchanged for example, a few extra salmon trout. Are you with fewer people but still want to reserve the pond than you pay for at least 15 people and you will get so more fish per person.

Do you want to reserve a certain date, inquire first whether this date is still available. Subsequently the reservation form or book by telephone. We also ask you € 50, to pay in advance. Only after you have done this deposit by cash or at NL58 RABO 0314 7611 01, is fixed to the reservation for you.

For groups we can organize a BBQ during or after fishing. Fully catered and customized to your needs.
Ask about the possibilities.